Bouquet Pink Green Tropical
Boho Reception Table Setup
Tropical Wedding Ceremony
Colorful Tropical Bouquet
Dreamy wedding ceremony setup
Boho Wedding Ceremony
White and Green Tropical
Sweetheart Table Tropical Style
White and Green Tropical
English garden inspired wedding arch

We are a full-service bridal florist for life’s most precious occasion.

Our experienced staff and dedicated team understand the importance of matching every detail to present beautiful arrangements for your wedding and create exquisite installations.

Although we are based on Oahu, where we source the best local flowers, we also have access to the best flowers from around the world in order to ensure we offer something amazing that will take your breath away and make your wedding an unforgettable experience for everyone.

At Nohea, we understand that you cannot underestimate the importance of the right florist, the right flowers, and the right attitude to create your perfect wedding arrangements.

The Nohea Story

We are a Honolulu, Hawaii, based wedding florist, but our family founded our parent company, Hanahiro, in Japan in 1941, and our floral designs are currently in many luxury hotels throughout Japan.

We launched Nohea on Oahu in 2012 based on generations of experience in the floral industry and with the goal to add a touch of the Japanese aesthetic to Hawaii’s natural beauty.

Have a look at our gallery to see Nohea’s amazing floral art.

Images by Arina B Photo, Arluis Weddings, Kawika Victoria, Sheyanne Lyn

Calligrapher by C'est Calligraphy